What are the challenges for Indian Education System?

The Indian education system needs reformation accurately as soon as possible otherwise the quality of Indian education would decrease with time.

Indian education system is a disproportional state till date.

Huge flaws can be seen in the educational field in India so far. Due to the faults, Indian educational system still gets a backward position in world educational forum.

As the time gets changed, the structure of Indian education should also be changed accordingly.

Here in this article we discussed the wrong system which all has been still present in the Indian educational field and decaying the backbone of the education system in India.

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Challenges for Indian Education System

Indian Education System
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Impotent Rural Indian Study Structure

The educational system of the rural areas of the country is absolutely pathetic. In most of the areas of the core region of some provinces, there are no educational systems can be seen even.

The students who come to school do not get minimum facilities they deserve. The study structure is absolutely handicapped of the rural areas.

Lack of Education Facilities for Poor

Most of the sophisticated private schools come with huge charges, where under poverty people cannot admit their kids.

In contrary, the lower chargeable government schools are not efficient for better study circumstances. The poor kids do not get books, notebooks and other belonging for study well.

Minimum study facilities are not available for the poor kids consistently in India.

Different Mediums with Different Study Formats

A single format is not followed throughout the country. Various mediums in different states follow their own study formats.

Private English mediums, CBSC board, ICSC board and all the state level boards maintain individual different study style which makes a vast difference in study in all around the country.

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Rat Race

The term is highly dangerous yet most of the kids’ have been going through this system of competition. Throughout the schooling, most of the kids’ have to perform best which is the desire of the parents.

This mentality of parents creates a hazardous impact on the kids and many cases they cannot take the pressure positively. It hampers their study instead boost up the confidence level.

Vast syllabus

The huge syllabus makes the students highly puzzled. Sometimes, students cannot understand what the important parts of their studies are.

They try to remind the entire syllabus and due to this reason they cannot get the basic idea of their learning chapters.

Old Study Structures

When digitalization study structure captures the markets all over the world, India is following the old style of study system in most of the area.

Computerized study system with advanced graphic designs is following by the posh schools of the modern cities only. Rest of the provinces still stuck with the study material based knowledge.

Lack of Well Organized Teachers

Most of the civilized people of the young generation do not want to go in teaching field as the pay scale is not enough according to the modern times.

It is hard to get young people who want to go in the rural area for teaching purposes. As teachers are underpaid in maximum cases they even loose the interest of teaching in various schools.

This is one of the main flaws of Indian education system.

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Absence of Innovation and Creativity

The bookish knowledge is not enough in modern times to get a better idea about a particular subject. Only book based knowledge cannot be applicable in a vast area.

In most of the cases, the book oriented knowledge makes students bore enough.

All the different orientation and advanced facilities should be there to enhance the interest of the students toward the study.

Single Direction for Every Student

All the students are not the same. Every individual student has different potential in different fields. In Indian educational system, all the students treat the same way.

Most of the cases the students pursue in the field they are not willing to go. This system of Indian education has to be changed and every student should get chances to enter their field of interest.


Here we mention some challenges the Indian educational system is going through. Modernization needs to be done accordingly to intensify the study formats for years to come.

These problems should be sort out properly. It is the responsibility of every Indian to interact with the educational system to boost up the strength of Indian educational structure accurately.

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