6 Qualities of Virat Kohli that Make Him a Real Hero

Here we will discuss about some 6 best Qualities of Virat Kohli that make him cool and real hero.

Virat Kohli, we all know him very well. The current captain of the Indian team in Test Cricket and wise captain (limited over’s) born on 5th November 1988 in Delhi.

The right-handed batsman is now a heartthrob of India.  In the IPL (Indian premier league) he is captaining the Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

This Delhi boy started his career at his age of nine. He was the first intake of West Delhi Cricket Academy. Virat first played for Delhi under-15 in the year of 2002.

In July 2006, Kohli was selected in India Under-19 squad. This was the biggest turning point of his life.  Over a period of 3 years, Virat has been India’s top batsman now.

Best Qualities of Virat Kohli

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A few days ago the masterful chase of Virat Kohli against Australia, excited the cricket world.  Everyone in the cricket world is talking about how great Kohli is.

There is no, doubt that he is extremely talented. His unbeaten 80 odd against Australia has driven him the best of the bests.

His batting orders, fielding orders, bowling orders all are awesome; in one word we can call him an all-rounder.

He is one of the 7 batsmen of ODI, who average above 50, he averages 55.42. There are few ODI batsmen, who are as good as Virat. But there is no one in T20 cricket.

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Daring Batsman

Kohli is one of the most aggressive batsmen in this game today. What are you thinking about? Aggressive means what, is hit somebody, or starts fight one and one? No, not at all.

The aggression he has to chase the runs only. To overcome the fear targeted run and run rate. The aggression is beaten the bowler not that to hit the bowler.

The way he dominates the bowlers, for a cricket or Virat lover it is always a treat for eyes. This quality of Virat doesn’t only make runs for him, also, it boost his batting partners to gain his confident.


Concentration is the only thing which can turn your success in failure. This is the best thing which Virat has perfectly.

His concentration is special. Once if he will settle down on the pitch, no one will be able to unsettle him. Here are the concentration works properly.

People already start comparing him with Tendulkar, though he hasn’t acquired the balance which Tendulkar already was done.

Superb Stamina

Kohli has the best stamina among all the players of his age. This quality reflects in his batting, which makes his batting looks effortless.

His stamina boosts him up keep him calm whether it is hot or cold. He is very fitness conscious; this keenness of fitness also made him an outstanding fielder, runner etc in short he is a fine cricketer.

His consciousness about his health and fitness make him take a restricted diet every day.

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Quick Learning Ability

Virat’s biggest quality is his ability to understand of flaws and importance of the situation. He can easily manage the values between his negative and positive traits.

He can overcome easily from his negative traits by achieving new scores and reputations.

He follows Tendulkar’s footsteps and being talked about to break Tendulkar’s record for highest number of centuries in one-day cricket. He scored 17 centuries in 118 matches.

Different Body Languages

Kohli has the perfect body language being a cricketer, which turns him from cricketer to a fine cricketer. Every cricketer should have this mentality to make his body language or physical appearance the perfect.

It gives an impact to your personality too. Virat’s body language portrays his confidence and aggression. But he has the perfect balance of confidence and aggression to his body language.

This always helps and encourages him to take up challenges to overcome from the tough and crucial situations.

Apart from sports, Kohli was good in academics as well. He is remembered by his teachers as a bright and alert student as well.

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