7 Mind Blowing Facts About Indian Villages

Facts About Indian Villages: Needless to say, the beautiful country of India is composed of a number of villages in every Indian state.

Some of these villages are extremely popular not only within the entire country, but also in some other parts of the world.

In this regard, here are 7 mind blowing facts about Indian villages that you should know:

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Facts About Indian Villages

Facts About Indian Villages
Image by vijendra kushwah from Pixabay

7. Punsari is a high-tech village in India

Punsari is a village located in the district of Sabarkantha in the state of Gujarat. Even though this is just a small village, Punsari is known to be a high-tech village because CCTVs are everywhere.

In other words, advanced facilities are available in this place. WiFi and AC classrooms are even expected here.

Don’t you find it mind blowing?

6. Mawlynnong is known to be the cleanest village

This village can be found in the Indian state of Meghalaya, and this village is known for its matrilineal society.

If you think there is nothing special about Mawlynnong, then think again. In the year 2003, it was declared by the Discover India Magazine to be the “Cleanest Village in Asia”.

You cannot see even a single cigarette butt here, according to those people who have visited the place.

5. Dharnai is a solar-powered village

Dharnai is a small remote village in the East Indian state of Bihar. For around 30 years, this village was nothing but a total darkness during nighttime because there was no electrical power here before.

But today, people in this village are extremely happy for they can now live with full of lights like the people in the city.

It is because of the solar energy system used by the village now.

4. Hiware Bazar is transformed to be a village of millionaires

Hiware Bazar is a village that can be located in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

What made this village extremely interesting is the fact that it has managed to become a rich village from a place that used to face a lot of issues. It is through the great effort of Popatrao Pawar.

Addictive substances are banned in this village through his effort and he convinced the people to invest in money-making things like milch cattle and rain water harvesting.

3. Kokrebellur is a village of bird lovers

Kokrebellur is a village situated in the Indian state of Karnataka that is known for taking care of the birds surrounding it.

In other words, the villagers here are treating the birds around them as their co-beings that are also living in their place.

Many other people in India consider birds as pests due to the fact that they do bad things to their crops. But in the village of Kokrebellur, this is certainly not the case.

Isn’t it amazing to know?

2. Pothanikkad is the village of literate Indians

It is actually not that surprising that the state of Kerala has a higher literacy rate amongst its people.

What made it mind blowing is the fact that a Kerala village of Pothanikkad was recorded to be of 100 percent literacy rate.

It is simply because of the high-standard schools that are available in the village, from primary to high school. There are even private schools in the village.

1. Ballia is a village that successfully fought arsenic poisoning

In the past few years, the villagers in Ballia had this arsenic poisoning problem due to the water they consumed that had arsenic.

Physical deformation and severe skin issues are the common effects of this thing. But believe it or not, the villagers have managed to fight this serious problem in the village, and they are now living free from arsenic poisoning.

These are the 7 mind-blowing facts about Indian villages. For sure, you are surprised for what you just have known.

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