9 Things Foreigner Should Know Before Traveling To India

Here we will going to discuss about some facts which Foreigner Should Know Before Traveling To India.

It is an extremely a confusing matter for a foreigner to understand the Indian culture. It is a vast country that is developing very fast.

It is not very easy to move with twenty eight different states and seven union territories. India has many religions, cultures, and languages, which intermingled with each one of them, and also coexist.

For an Indian, the culture and traditions may not be big things to learn but being a foreigner you can see a lot of things.

You can see numerous odd things in the country but after that also you can notice the respect, love, and color among the people.

Facts Which Foreigner Should Know Before Traveling To India

1. Living with parents

The Indian culture has a tradition of living with their family. After getting married or even after having children, they prefer to stay together.

This shows their immense love towards their family. These days, in Indian culture joint family system is dyeing down but then also single nuclear families prefer to stay together.

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2. Respect for the elders

All Indians shows respect for their elders. Touching of the feet of the elders, bowing the heads in front of them, and joining the plums together are often taken as a respect.

If you are in hurry also and try to avoid these long process of courtesy then you can just bow your head in front of them and convey your respect.

3. The festivals

Facts Which Foreigner Should Know Before Traveling To India
Image by Murtaza Ali from Pixabay

As there are many religions available in India, there are also many types of festivals celebrated by Indians. But Indians show their unity also in festivals.

All Indians celebrate one religion’s festivals. Being a foreigner you can also enjoy all the festivals in India. All Indian festivals are colorful and so, you will get a chance to experience all of them.

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4. Dinner Etiquette

Dinner is the most interesting part of the Indian family. Every Indian family tries to eat together once in a day. Nighttime is the perfect time for that.

The members of the family sit around the head of the family and enjoy their meals. If you want to try traditional food, you must visit Indian homes. Indian prefers to eat with their hands.

So, don’t ask for a spoon or fork. Spicy Indian foods and then Sweet deserts you will enjoy by your hands and these foods had a capacity to uplift your moods.

5. The multitude of Gods

As known by the elders, it is the land of religion; here you will find diversity in God also. Every different culture has its gods and goddesses.

Mostly the Hindus have thousands of Gods and you must obey all of them.

6. Temple Manners

Temples are the most devotional places in India.

Before going to a temple, you must know that you have to keep your shoes off at outside of the temple, as it is considered dirty.

In temple, you have be cove up yourself, mostly the lower part. So, don’t try shorts when you are visiting a temple.

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7. Public etiquette

In India you cannot show your affection in the public place and it is not accepted by the Indians.

Even if you want to show some love, or wants to kiss or hug your spouse, you are not allowed in the public but you can do that in nightclubs or parties where public display of affection are accepted socially.

8. Dress to Respect

Indians are not same by cultures as well their values are also different. In many places in India, mostly in the villages you must cover up yourself.

By doing this, you are actually giving their culture a respect which will mostly preferred by Indian old aged people.

9. Unavoidable street Foods

India is a country, where you will get plenty of foods. You will see numerous numbers of vendors on the road who sells variety of food items and all of them are very attractive.

But beware of it, because many times they are not maintaining the hygiene quality at their items. Try to drink bottled water rather than tap water because most diseases are water-born.

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