What Should Indians Learn From The Rest Of The World?

Here we will discuss What Should Indians Learn From The Rest Of The World?

India is the one of the largest country in the Asia. It is the home to the Indus valley civilisation. In India many types of cultural people live with their different languages.

Every culture has different religion, their God & Goddess, their own food habits, language and cultural values. It is not very easy to adjust and live a happy life.

With many good qualities India has some negative qualities also, which they can learn from other countries.

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Things which Indians Learn From The Rest Of The World?

Respecting the law

What Should Indians Learn From The Rest Of The World?
Image by succo from Pixabay

We Indians are rule breakers from our childhood days. When a baby starts cycling, he/she won’t stop even when parent says to stop.

The activities grow in them as with age. A habit of disobeying traffic rules, disobeying the speed limit, overtaking, spitting in public places and honking in silent zones are the examples.

We can learn from the foreigners how they obey these basic rules in their country. These little habits can make a change in our environment and society as well.

Our children will get a place a healthier place to play and stay.


We Indians promote plagiarism from our childhood. To be the school topper or board toppers, we push our children to copy word to word from textbooks and this is how we encourage our children for plagiarism.

Plagiarism is an act where we take other persons work like, conversation, writing, song, and even ideas without taking permission from that person or from the author, or writer.

As if we feel that it is our own. If we are doing such things then we should acknowledge to them. We can make Internal Citation on our paper.

Internal Citation is a way, where you will get a chance to recognise the author or the writer. After Internal Citation a bibliography is needed.

If your paper caught by the writers they will immediately rejects your paper and you will get punished in the crime of plagiarism. India is in the 3rd position in plagiarism.

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In India, people have a habit of spitting. They spits from their cars, or buses or rickshaws. By their spitting may building, walls and sidewalks.

It is a disgusting habit; along with that it hampers the beauty of the clean roads and architectures. And the second important thing is, taking of tobacco and gutkhas causes cancer.

Not only this spitting habit destroys the beauty of your India, it also terminates your life span.


In foreign country, they do not give pressure of exam to a child till class four. They think, these are the years where a child can learn basic mannerism.

In India we do not give our children the proper training. As a result they grew up with the bad habits what might they have seen.

After drinking and eating, we have a habit of throwing the packet in the road. In this way, we are making our society polluted.

Where in foreign people are using different garbage collection methods. In India, we also can adopt them. Two types garbage, organic and inorganic we can separate at first.

The organic garbage will help us in fertilization. This way our society will be clean and we get a healthy lifestyle.

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We Indians had a permissiveness attitude towards punctuality. We have never let ourselves ruled by the clock. Climate, culture and economy had an essential role of one’s attitude.

According to sociologist and social psychologist, it is a character trait that shows methodological distinction across society, state and topographical regions.

Many websites and journals said; “Indians appreciate punctuality but may not reciprocate it.” Technically upgraded nations like, Northern Europe, Japan, North America are known for their punctuality and for them, and time is money.

Public Urination

In India you will find the most common habit of urination. It is huge problem in India. Not only it spreads the bad smell also pollutes the environment.

But this problem occurs due to the fewer amounts of rest rooms. In India, we may not found bathrooms very nearly.

So, people from all economic backgrounds and all ages uses the public places as urinal.

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