Facts about Gaffar Mobile Market, Karol Bagh (Delhi)

Facts about Gaffar Mobile Market: Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh is known as the largest electronics market in Asia and the second largest mobile market in India.

Along with used mobiles and gadgets, one can also buy latest electronic items of any brand in this market. It was more than just a second hand mobile market.

It was known for producing almost all the imported goods like crockery, electronics, toys and apparels.

The interesting part is that these imported prices are available at a lot cheaper price in this market than their original price.

Suppose you have seen the leading companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, etc. are launching their new smart phones and you have your money to invest in latest Galaxy and iPhone.

If your favorite gadget is about to launch officially after few months, all you need to head towards Gaffar Market after one week.

The chances are high that you can get these gadgets at actually the lower or same price, even though they are not officially launched in India yet.

Here are some other lesser known facts about Gaffar Market in Karol Bagh, Delhi.

Amazing Facts about Gaffar Mobile Market in Karol Bagh

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Ultimate Destination to Buy Mobiles at Relatively Cheaper Price

Gaffar Market has no lack of small stores selling branded new and second hand smartphones and mobile handsets.

If you are looking for secondhand phone, there is no competition against Gaffar Market. It was also believed that the grey market also has stolen phones and Delhi Police faced a lot of criticism.

Hence, the government passed the order to make it compulsory to provide identity proof for selling used mobile phone.

You can also visit this market to fix your malfunctioning gadgets. It has a lot of service centers.

Variations in Charges

It depends upon the type of phone and the amount of money as per the agreement between an insider of the company and the shopkeeper, as to how much a shopkeeper charges.

he shopkeeper and the president of the market clearly mention the charges. Usually the charges are ranging from Rs. 200 to Rs. 2000 but the players claim to start from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 7000.

When you walk through the market, you can find a person with a laptop in every second shop with the tag of “Unlocking Phones”.

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Type of People who Visit Here

This unlocking market fulfills the needs of two types of buyers. First are those who visit the US and UK, buy contract phones there and come back to India.

Such GSM phones don’t work in India and they get them unlocked in Gaffar Market.

Second type of customers are those who bought contract phones overseas without understanding the consequences and suffered the communication gap over there.

According to President, Harish Chitkara, all mobile devices are being launched in the country at the same time as in international market.

So, unlocking the phones is not trending these days. According to the shopkeepers, the customers who bought phones under contract do it just for making huge money.

When they buy phones on contract in foreign countries, they file the complaint that their phone is lost.

They get a new device under insurance and bring the old phone to Gaffar market either to unlock them or to sell them. Over the years, the market has seen increasing number of these people.

How Do They Unlock Phones?

According to the shopkeepers over there, every shop which provides unlocking services has a hacker in London and America.

For instance, if you head there for iPhone unlock, they will contact their hackers working in Apple in the US or any other country.

They pay some amount to the hackers according to the contract and they unlock the device. They do it using very costly programs.

According to the president of the market, unlocking device is not the main business there. It has not been associated with Indian government and some players are doing it. So, there is no big deal.

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Want to Shop There? You must be best at Bargaining

If you are going to buy a secondhand device in Gaffar Market, be sure to have tough bargaining power. First of all, ask about the price on several shops.

Choose a shop which seems reliable and start bargaining with half or lesser price than quoted by the shopkeeper.

Don’t expect any guarantee and replacement there. So, be sure to check out everything before you buy.

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