11 Facts About Delhi Girls That Make Them Awesome

Some Amazing Facts About Delhi Girls: Locally known as ‘Totas”, Delhi girls are not just smart and beautiful; they also have the most unique qualities that make them stand out from the girls in the rest of the world.

They are funny, shy, moody and loud. Her humor and grace, her stature and boldness would leave you wondering what she actually has that makes her so unique.

From being witty to aggressive, Delhi girls have all kinds of features and moods. They are bold by face but soft at heart.

Here are some of the unique qualities and Facts About Delhi Girls for which they become so famous.

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11 Interesting Facts About Delhi Girls

1. They are Foodie

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Image by Yogendra Singh from Pixabay

They love “Chaat Papdi” and “Gol Gappas” more than keeping their figure on shape. They don’t care about their diet plans when it comes to street food.

They want to stay fit but they can’t compromise food. Be it an expensive restaurant or street food, food can keep them happy.

2. The Fashion Freaks

These girls are so cool that they set their own trends and invent their own styles. They are fashionistas by themselves.

They sport clothes from Sarojini Nagar so nicely that they wear branded clothes. You don’t have to teach what to wear in which occasion.

They don’t follow anyone. They love to try different things on their hairstyles and clothes and their unique style makes them recognizable.

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3. They are Best at Bargaining

Whether at Janpath or with auto drivers, bargaining is their best part. They know how to cut the high auto rates down at their convenience.

Their arguments cut down the high rates and they never pay anything extra anywhere.

4. They Groove in Hindi Item Numbers

They are modern in club wear when it comes to partying all night. But they are equally good at doing Bhangra to woo the crowd with their grooves.

No matter what Hindi song you play, they dance along and never hesitate to show their moves in any party. Whether it is wedding or club, they can never be seen far from the dance floor.

5. They are Bold!

For Delhi girls, there is a limit to ignore eve teasers and Roadside Romeos. Once they get really angry, they never wait to take off their sandals to treat them.

They don’t like any kind of public display or fight. But once they get irritated so much with cheap acts, they lose their cool, raise their voice and show them who they are!

6. The Selfie Queens

These girls are always ready for selfie, no matter what situation or mood they are in. They click photos and share whenever they want. Taking hundreds of selfies is their daily routine.

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7. They Can’t Live without Gossips

Shyness and graceful looks are not the only qualities they are known for. They have another supernatural power – they can talk endlessly! They never go short of topics, whether it is boyfriends, friends, patch ups or breakups.

8. Western by Looks, Indian by Heart

Eating fast foods is cool but there is no competition against Dal Makhni, Naan and Chhole Kulche. Just like they love sporting shorts and jeans, they also show their Indian side off with Suits and Jhumkas.

9. They Love Traveling

Travelling in a car is cool for them, but there is no comparison to a metro ride. If they are tired, they can also sit on the floor, and they never feel ashamed of it.

They know all metro routes very well. They know how to adjust in buses and cars, autos and scooters.

10. They Love Speaking Both languages

They mix Hindi and English when they speak, and they know how to go bilingual.

They speak both languages very fluently and effortlessly and they are really awesome and they have grasped over both languages.

They also pick a different accent sometimes. They never stop showing off their linguistic talent.

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11. Don’t Mess with a Delhi Girl!

They may look sweet and innocent, but they are smart and sharp from the inside. They know when someone can make them fool.

They know how to deal with smartness of other people. No matter younger or older, they know actually what they want from them.

They are best at noticing and observing someone’s actions. So, be nice to them, they will be nice to you!


So guys here are some Interesting Facts About Delhi Girls. I hope like this article. What your thoughts on it please tell us in comments section.

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