10 Interesting Facts About India That You Don’t Know

Facts About India: The Being the 7th largest country on planet, the Republic of India is also the second highest populated nation.

India is also known as the world’s largest democracy. India is really the most incredible country in the world.

There are several incredible and mind-blowing facts which most people don’t know about India and that will blow your mind.

Amazing Facts About India That You Don’t Know

Facts About Indian Villages
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1. The Largest Rail Network

Indian Railways has recruited around 1.4 million employees that has outnumbered the combined population of several small countries like Iceland, Mauritius, Vatican City, Monaco, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Bahrain, Cyprus, and Luxembourg and even more, to name a few.

2. India was Once an Island

It is yet another unique thing that is still unknown for most us. Around 100 million years ago, India was an island when dinosaurs were used to roam along.

The continental plate collided around 50 million years ago with the same of Asia. Hence, it formed Himalayas.

The secret behind the growing height of Mount Everest year by year is that the plate still moves northward.

3. Delhi – World’s Second Largest Megacity

The National Capital Territory of Delhi is the official name of New Delhi. It is world’s second largest megacity.

India has 3 largest megacities in the world and one of them has outnumbered China.

4. ISRO’s First Rocket Brought on Bicycle

Can you believe that we believe in such an advanced country where first rocket was brought on a bicycle? Surprised? You must be! Well, it happened in the past and it is true.

The Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO developed its first rocket in association with another research organization. They ordered the rocket through bicycle.

5. Entertainment – The Soul and Heart of India

India has lion’s share when it comes to producing films every year. Indian film industry is accounted to deliver most films to the world.

Out of total 1100 movies every year in the world, India delivers around 2000 films from Bollywood.

Most of these films come from Hyderabad and Chennai in both Telugu and Tamil languages, spoken in South India.

6. Most Road Accidents

India witnesses a huge number of road fatalities and accidents. India is recorded with around 115,000 cases of accidents every year.

India stands third for having the most number of road fatalities in the world, followed by Cook Island and Eritrea.

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7. Kumbh Mela – World’s Largest Human Gathering

It is reported that Kumbh Mela witnesses the gathering of 100 million devotees, making it world’s largest gathering of humans.

8. India – The Most Peaceful Nation

In its whole existence of over 100,000 years, India is a country which never invaded any country across the world. This is why India is considered as the most peaceful nation in the globe.

This is one of the incredible facts about India you may feel proud of, if you are an Indian.

9. Biggest Consumer of Spices

India exports around 70% of spices to the world. India is one of the largest exporters and consumers of spices across the globe.

It is no wonder that people across the world go crazy about Indian spices.

10. Largest Post Network

Every city, town and village has at least, one post office in India. Hence, Postal network in India is one of the most convenient and efficient mediums of communication in the world.

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This is some amazing and interesting Facts about India. What your thoughts on it must tell us a comments section.

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