Top 10 Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day: With Valentine’s Day approaching, a lot of you must be planning on how to celebrate the day and surprise your partner by giving gifts or chocolates and making it their day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. It is a day to celebrate love, which can be with anyone.

A lot of people go out for Romantic dinner, buy presents for their loved ones, and celebrate it with so much of love and joy.

It was a custom started in the early days, which is now celebrated across the Universe.

Apart from the love, there are a few amazing facts that you should know about Valentine’s Day.

Here is the list of ten interesting facts about Valentine’s Day.

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10 Interesting Facts about Valentine’s Day

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History behind the Valentine’s Day:

It was during the war time, when Emperor Claudis II did not want the Roman men to get married.

And then the brave man called Bishop Valentine went against his wishes and he married secretly, and as a result he was prisoned and executed, and from the jail prison he wrote a letter to his loved one who was the daughter of the jailor, and signed is as from your valentine.

Since, then this day has been celebrated as the Valentine day.

Number of red roses used on this day

Rose was the favourite flower of the Roman goddess. In the United States, 189 millions of roses are purchased on the Valentine days, of which, 73% are men and the remaining 27% are women.

Most of the gifts are purchased by women

During the week of valentine day, a lot of gifts are sold and people buy a lot of things for their loved and dear ones, of which, 85 percent of the total gifts are purchased by women alone and the remaining are purchased by the other members of the society, the women indeed believes in making the day a special one for you by surprising you with the gifts.

Guess who receives the most number of cards or gifts on Valentine’s Day

Teachers are the ones who receives the most number of cards and gifts on the valentine day from their students and their loved ones. Of course, they deserve it.

Number of people proposing on the Valentine’s day

There are approximately 22,000 wedding proposals on Valentine’s Day, and most of them are successful.

It is great day to speak your heart up to your loved ones and if you really love the person, then there is nothing better than proposing him/her.

Juliet still receives letter from the people

Every year on 14th February, the Italian city, Verona, which was the place of the most renowned and famous lovers Romeo and Juliet, receives a least 1000 letter every year that are addressed to Juliet.

The phrase wearing your heart on sleeves is a real phrase

We have heard it a lot of times, and it is indeed a real phrase and it has its own variations and stories that differ from each other.

Cadbury acts the synonyms for the Valentine’s day

On Valentine day, Richard Cadbury, made a box of Cadbury for his loved one and packed it in a heart box, and he did not stop there, he painted and decorated the box in his own styles making it look more beautiful and people in US spend a minimum of 1 billion dollars on chocolates on this day.

People buy cards for their pets

On Valentine day, a lot of people in the US buy cards for their pets as well, showing them love and care.

Valentine’s Day is declared as a holiday

On February 14th,, St. Valentine’s Day is declared as a holiday for singles, which is totally different from Valentine’s Day, which is a day for all singles.


So guys here are some Amazing Facts about Valentine’s Day. I hope like this article. What your thoughts on it please tell us in comments section.

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