Woh To Hai Albela Cast And Crew Photos, Instagram Id, Written Update 2023

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Woh To Hai Albela Cast And Crew 2023

Real nameCharacter
Shaheer SheikhMale Lead
Hiba NawabFemale Lead
Rachi SharmaFemale Lead
Pallavi Pradhan Supporting character
Mehul BuchMale Lead
Kinshuk Vaidya Male Lead
Anuj SachdevaMale Lead
Suruchi AdarkaSupporting character
Aparna DixitSupporting character
Sucheta KhannaSupporting character
Sachin TyagiMale Lead
Vaishnavi GanatraFemale Lead

Woh to hai albela is a new show in the Star Bharat lineup which has received tremendous response from the viewers. It was released on 14 March 2022 and it became a hit among the audience within a short period of time.

Woh to hai albela is an Indian television series that started this year on March 14, 2022. It is cast on india’s renowned tv serial channel “Star Bharat”. You may watch it online at Disney+Hotstar. In this post, we will discuss the Woh to Hai Albela cast and crew so that you may stay up to date with your favourite show.

Woh To Hai Albela Cast Members Biography

1. Shaheer Sheikh(Krishna “Kanha” Choudhary)

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Shaheer Sheikh is a prominent starring character in the Starbharat show “woh to hai albela serial remake,” and he is the show’s most beloved character. He is an Indian television show face who is well-known for her mind-blowing performances. Krishna’s real name is Shaheer Nawaz Sheikh, and he was born on March 26, 1984.

Real nameShaheer Nawaz Sheikh 
Birthdate26 March 1984
Age38 years 8 months 24 days(2022)
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifeRuchikaa Kapoor(wife)
Salary Per Episode2 to 3 lakhs per episode
Net WorthApproximately $4 million

2. Hiba Nawab(Sayuri “Sayu” Sharma Choudhary)

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Hiba is female leading artist of the star bharat’s show woh toh hai albela. She plays most important role in this show as a syuri or krishna’s wife. She was born on 14 November 1996. She debuted her in this tv career in the show “Ssshhhh…Phir Koi Hai” as a child artist.

Real nameHiba Nawab
Birthdate4 November 1996
Age26 years 1 months 15 days (2022)
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifePearl V Puri
Salary Per EpisodeApproximate 26k
Net WorthApproximate 8 crores +
Debut27 July 2001

3. Rachi Sharma(Rashmi or Rashu sharma)

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Rachi sharma is renowned artist of the romantic show “Woh toh hai albela“. Because of her role as “Rashmi,” she has become the most searched celebrity. She is a well-known social media and Indian television celebrity who is often in the news for her incredible roles. She made her first devote in this show “woh to hai albela” which is produced by Rajan Shahi.

Real nameRachi Sharma
BirthdateSomewhere in 1999 to 2000(not completely sure)
Age22 years
Salary Per EpisodeApproximately 20k
Net Worth1-2 crores (approx)
DebutWoh to hai albela

4. Pallavi Pradhan as Saroj Choudhary

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Pallavi Pradhan is a well-known Indian television actress who has appeared in several television series. She appeared in “Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant” and “Jiji Maa”.

In Woh to hai albela, pallavi plays her role as a Saroj Choudhary, the mother of Krishna Choudhary. She was born in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Real namePallavi Pradhan
Birthdate13 october, 1975
Age47 years
Salary Per Episode30k
Net Worth$3 million
Debut2003(kuch na kaho)

5. Mehul Buch as Dhanraj Choudhary   

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Dhanraj choudhary is suppotive role of this serail because he plays a role of father of krishna, Chiranjeev, Kusum and Nakul. Dhanraj chodhary real name is Mehul Buch.

He is a famous televison celebrity who work in gujarati and hindi television productions. He is a husband of Alpana Buch and father of his daughter Bhavya.

Real nameMehul Buch
Age54 years
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifeAlpana Buch
Salary Per Episode50k
Net Worth$5 million 
DebutSaturday suspense(1997)

6. Kinshuk Vaidya As Nakul Choudhary

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Kinshuk Vaidya is very famous tv celebrity since childhood. He plays lead role in “shaka laka boom boom” as sanju. Now, he plays an interesting role in woh to hai albela as nakul choudhary (brother of main lead krishna).

He is also plays his role as a husband of rashmi. He was born 5 april, 1991 in mumbai. 

Real nameKinshuk Vaidya
Birthdate5 April, 1991
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifeShivya Pathania
Salary Per Episode25k
Net Worth2-5 million
Debut1999(Dhangad Dhinga)

7. Anuj Sachdeva as Chiranjeev   

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Anuj Sachdeva is a famous indian celebrity and model. He plays many roles in indian tv industry or adverisment. In 2005, he was also take part in MTV’s show roadies.

He was born on 5 october 1986, and He was debuted as an actor in 2007. In “Woh to hai albela serial”, he plays a lead role as a brother of krishna.

Real nameAnuj Sachdeva 
Birthdate5 october, 1984
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifeUrvashi Dholakia
Salary Per Episode60k
Net Worth$1-2 million

8. Suruchi Adarkar As Kusum Choudhary  

Suruchi Adarkar is a marathi actress and she worked in many indian television series. She debuted her career in  advertisement play “Avagha Rang Ekachi Zhala”.

In woh to hai albela serial story, she plays a role as a kusum. She is sister of her three brothers, Chiranjeev, Krishna and Nakul’. Suruchi was born on 25 april, 1988 in Thane, Maharashtra. 

Real nameSuruchi Adarkar 
Birthdate25 april, 1988
Age34 years old
Salary Per Episode29k 
Net Worth$5 million

9. Aparna Dixit as Anjali Malhotra 

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Aparna Dixit is a well-known television personality who has been in several Indian television shows. She was born in Agra on October 20, 1991. She rose to prominence as Devika Deol in Kalash.

Real nameAparna Dixit
Birthdate20 october, 1991
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifePuru chibber
Salary Per Episode50k
Net Worth$2-$5 m

10. Sucheta Khanna as Indrani Sharma 

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Real nameSucheta Khanna
Age44 years
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifeAbbas khan
Salary Per Episode50k 
Net Worth3-5 million

11. Sachin Tyagi As Balwant Sharma

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Real nameSachin Tyagi
Birthdate15 December 1986
Age36 years old(2022)
Boyfriend/girlfriend/WifeRakshanda khan
Salary Per Episode1 lakh
Net Worth$1.5 Million To $10 Million
DebutKahiin to hoga(2003)

12. Vaishnavi Ganatra as Priya “Pia” Sharma

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Real nameVaishnavi Ganatra
Birthdate18 February 2005
Age17 Years(2022)
Salary Per Episode25k
Net WorthN/a

Details Of Woh To Hai Albela Cast 2023

Show NameWoh to hai albela 
Platform ChannelStart bharat 
Director:Rajan Shahi
Music DirectorNakash Aziz Sargam Jassu
Producer:Rajan Shahi
Creator:Rajan Shahi
Genres:Drama and Romance
Staring membersShaheer Sheikh, Hiba Nawab
Releasing on:14 March 2022
Telecasting Days:Monday to Friday
Timings:9 P.m
Runtime:20-24 minutes
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Story Of “Woh To Hai Albela”

Woh To Hai Albela Cast and crew

The story begins with the show’s main characters, Balwant Sharma and Dhanraj Choudhary. They are both good friends, but owing to business problems, they are separated in the beginning. 

As a result of the family dispute, their children have become enemies. Following then, several changes occur in this drama. And Sayuri, Balwant’s eldest daughter, likes Chiranjeev. He is Dhanraj Choudhary’s elder son.

Both families are reuniting as a result of this love tale. 

Unfortunately for Sayuri, on the wedding day, Chiranjeev is killed in an accident. Sayuri holds Kanha responsible for the murder of her boyfriend, Chiranjeev. A twist of fate forces Sayuri to marry Kanha. The storyline then shifts to Kanha and Sayuri’s married life. 

As of the major update on  woh to hai albela cast 2023, sayuri considered died in the serial. But she is not dead, she will enter in the serial with new interesting twist.

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    As of the major update on  woh to hai albela cast 2023, sayuri considered died in the serial. But she is not dead, she will enter in the serial with new interesting twist.


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