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We’ll talk about Azar Dating App Ad Girl Name, Her Instagram ID, and much more here interesting data about her professional and personal life.

AzarApp is a South Korean dating app that offers many benefits to its users. One of them is the ability to connect with other people, who are looking for love or friendship. 

The app works on the principle that anyone can be their match. This means that anyone regardless of nationality or ethnicity can find their perfect partner through the application.

Many people want to know what the Azar network ad girl name is, the date when it was launched, and who owns it.

The Azar dating app ad girl name is Hasika Bhargava. The Azar Network ad girl name has been in the media spotlight recently, and people are curious to know more about her. We have provided information on the Azar Network ads featuring this girl model.

Azar Dating App Ad Girl Name & Cast Members

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Hasika BhargavaActress
Suvidha TorgalActress
Archita SahaActress
Ravi DevalarajuActor
Lalitha KumariActress

———————Azar Dating App Cast and Crew 2023——————–

Hasika Bhargava as a female lead

DirectorShanu Vij
DOPManprit Shergill
Assistant DirectorHoney Bhargava & Gurudeeksha Khurana
ActressHasika Bhargava
EditorDeepak Anand
MakeupArooba Samrin
GraphicsSalakshya Agarwal
Ad LocationDelhi
Hasika Bhargava InstagramVisit here

Hasika is a fashion lover girl and she is a big daydreamer. She wants to become the part of the most successful person. She loves to meet new people and explore her world. Hasika is one of the most searched Azar dating app ad girl name.

She like being witty and making people laugh around her. Her nature is witty and her smile is the power of her strong personality. 

She always prefers to look well whether I’m at home or out and about. Being fashionable is her passion, and she says this single thing separates her from this crowdy world.

Azar Dating App Ad Girl Name; Hasika Bhargava’s Video Here

This is a promotional video for the Azar Dating App which is created by Grasshopper Media. Azar allows you to easily find people nearby who have similar interests as them and are looking for love.

Cute Girl As A Female Lead

This cute girl plays a very interesting role in another Azar dating app promotional video. This video is very famous among dating app lovers. 

Here’s the detail of the Azar Dating App Ad Cast and Crew:

Director Neeraj Kumar
ProducerAbsolute Media Services
CinematographerVikas Singh
EditorSuraj Kumar
Camera AssistantMontu Kumar

Azar Dating App Ad Girl;  Video Here

Suvidha Torgal As A Female Lead

Suvidha torgal is a cast member of promotional videos of Azar Dating App 2023. She looks so cute in this video. She has a master’s degree in engineering Power and energy engineering. 

Currently, she is working as a senior MEP engineer at Suvidha Torgal Bakhle Consultants. She also has experience in switchgear industry production and design.

Azar Dating App Ad Girl Name; Suvidha Torgal’s Video Here

Ravi Devalaraju As A Male Lead

Ravi Devalaraju portrays the male lead in the Azar Dating App advertisement. This advertisement is being shown on YouTube. We don’t have enough information about him. We will notify you as soon as we receive it.

Writer and DirectorP.S.R Rajesh
Male LeadRavi Devalaraju
Female LeadLalitha Kumari
EditorCarthic Cuts
Creator Naa Creation Ad Agency

Azar Dating App Ad Boy; Ravi Devalaraju’s Video Here

Lalitha Kumari As A Female Lead

Lalitha is an old woman who plays a supporting role in the Azar dating app’s promotional video. We don’t have more information about her. We will update you first whenever we receive it.

Archita Saha As A Female Lead

Archita Saha is a popular Instagram star. She has a large fan following there. In the Azar dating app commercial video, she portrays the female lead. 

She looks stunning in the video. Many people want to learn more about Archita Saha and the Azar dating app cast. She is an extremely gifted young lady who enjoys dancing. 

Azar Dating App Ad Girl; Archita Saha’s Video Here

Archita saha Personal U- tube channel

Archita saha Instagram handle

Visit here

Overview Of The Azar Dating App

Azar is a dating app that helps you find the right person, whether you’re looking for love or just some companionship. They believe that true love is out there and they want to help you find it. They have been working on the Azar app since 2014, and think it’s finally time to take it to the next level!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can create your own profile and start meeting new people. You can download the Azar app from android as well as iPhone.

Download Here!


Is it safe to use the Azar app?

Yes, Azar is a trustworthy app and you can use it easily.

What is the name of the Azar dating app ad cast and crew?

Hasika Bhargava, Suvidha Torgal, Archita saha, Ravi Devalaraju, and lalitha Kumari.

Who is the girl in the Azar app ad?

Archita Saha.

Which app is best for making GF?

Azar dating app is the best place to make new friends.

Who is an actor in the Azar app ad cast?

Ravi Devalaraju.


So guys we just shared the Azar dating app ad girl name and complete information on the Azar network ad. Guys keep in touch with us we will share another cast and crew information about advertisements and commercials.

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