Top 10 Best Cartoon From The 90’s

Here is the list of the best cartoons from the 90’s. Every child who was born in the 1990s was blessed with a series of cartoons.

This show were a boom for the viewers of the 90s, it was a newly and fresh element to watch. Some of the hit shows which won hearts of million fans across the world for sure.

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Best Cartoon From The 90’s


SwatKats is a television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1993. It was an action, thrill, and comedy series.

The story is about Megakat City in which have anthropomorphic felines, known as “KATS”. It is a tale of a two vigilante pilots armed with their fighter jet.

The tale shows their experiences while facing their enemies and villains. This animated series was a big hit soon after it was telecasted.


Aladdin is an animated television series which premiered in the late 90s. It was produced by Walt Disney Television. It was a combination of action, drama, romance and mystery.

It was a tale of a boy named “Aladdin” and his magical experiences with “Gennie”, his red carpet and Princess Jasmine.

The show grabbed attention of the class of people, the children’s and the adults. The show premiered soon later the movie “ALADDIN” came up.

The series was premiered in the Disney Channel. It was a big hit from the 1990s. Soon later, the first series came up, there were many series telecasted in the Disney Channel.


Duck Tales is an animated series which was telecasted in 1987 in Disney Channel. It was produced by Walt Disney Animation.

The series came up after the success of the movie, “DUCK TALES THE MOVIE: TREASURE OF THE LOST LAMP.”

The show attracted more of the little audiences; it showed the adventures of Scrooge McDuck and his grand nephews.

The secondary main character is Donald Duck. The show has comedy and funny elements in it. The show was telecasted in four seasons and a total of 100 episodes.

The show was favourite for the 90s kids. The show gained much appreciation for all its series.


The Flinstones is an animated series which was telecasted in 1960 on ABC channel .It was produced by Hanna-Barbera.

The show earned much of the popularity soon after its premiers. The show was about a Working Stone Age Man, his best friend and his next-door friend.

It had a different and unique concept which was new for the audiences. It is a big hit from the early 90s


Talespin is an animated series which was aired in 1990.It was telecasted in Disney Channel; the show was a derivation of a play, “taleSpin”.

The show was one of the hits from the 1990s. The name of the show “tale” “spin” is basically the way of telling or description of a tale. The show ran for many years on the Disney Channel.


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Tom and Jerry is an American animated series produced by Wiliam Hanna and Joseph Barbera. This show is a big hit of all time. The show won many awards for its tales.

The show is about a cat “Tom” and a mouse “Jerry “. There are differences between them both. Both of them were rivals for each other.

The show is a comedy, action and drama. This was loved by the child audiences; it was praised and appreciated for its rivalry tales of Tom and Jerry.


Dextor’s Laboratory known as the Dexter’s Lab is an American comic fiction animated show.

The show was premiered in Cartoon Network; the show was about a genius boy Dextor and his secret lab, where he conducts his various experiments and fight against the villains along with his superhero pet.

The show also centres Dexter’s struggle with keeping his elder sister away from his idol and his lab. The show was packed with action, drama, and thrill.


Popeye the sailor is an American animated series of comedy based film” POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN”.

The show depicts the stories of Popeye who is a sailor man and his weird and funny stories of his sailing.

The show was a super hit in its time; it was appreciated for its funny stories and tales.


Scooby Doo is an American animated cartoon series of a dog named “Scooby Doo”. The main character of the show is great dean “Scooby Doo” who helps his owners to solve mysteries.

Scooby Doo was a talking dog who helps four teenagers to solve various mysteries.

The show was new thing to watch for the audiences and was appreciated by all class of audiences.

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While reading the Best Cartoon From The 90’s you might connect with some of them as they have been your favorites.

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