7 Homeless People Who Became Rich and Famous

Here we will talk about some Homeless People Who Became Rich And Famous.

Being homeless don’t means not able manage the cost of one’s own home, but it is about spending nights in open area without any shelter.

Being homeless means being truly poor and not having the capacity to bear the cost of safe house.

Look at these staggeringly celebrated individuals who really have been homeless amid the early battling years of their career.

The list will have 7 homeless people who became rich and famous.

Homeless People Who Became Rich And Famous

1. Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is one of the greatest comedians in the world and no one can touch his sense of humor.

The man who made the world chuckle had a shocking adolescence with a missing father and a mother in the mental haven.

The star of The Tramp did stretches in the workhouse and sleeps on the street at night before he became the superstar.

2. Amitabh Bachchan

The star of millennium Amitabh Bachchan is one of the greatest stars of Bollywood and he is also a legend.

It is true to say that he is the greatest ever hotshot of India, who slept on Marine Drive benches when he was struggling to become a Bollywood star.

He was once rejected by the All India Radio because of his voice that later become on the asset.

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3. Daniel Craig

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Image by Chris from Pixabay

Danial Craig needs no introduction as he was the leanest, meanest James Bond ever, he is said to have done some “really dreadful things” when he was attempting to get a break.

Before he became a superstar, he slept on park beach in the nights.

4. Shah Rukh Khan

The Badshah of Bollywood experienced difficulty making the rent when he was a trying his luck in Bollywood.

He continued getting tossed out via landowners and persisted being on the streets many a times. Shahrukh is now own one of the most expensive Bungalow in Mumbai.

5. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the greatest men who have given Apple Inc. been once down and out and destitute.

While he didn’t really slept at street but did slept at floor at friend’s home. he is one great man that each one of us will miss.

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6. Danny Denzongpa

Danny Denzongpa is one of the popular Indian silver screens’ villains. the man who very nearly turned into Sholay’s Gabbar, used to practice his Hindi by “talking” to the sea.

He likewise spent a few evenings on Juhu Beach and Shivaji Park in Mumbai.

7. Col0nel Saunders

Col0nel Saunders is one person that world love. This guy on your fried chicken bucket apparently left home to escape his stride father’s abuse.

He was homeless for quite a while and just claimed his own particular home at age 40.


After reading the article and the stories of 7 homeless people who became rich and famous, certainly rouse everyone who are chasing their dreams and inspire not to give up at any point of time.

It is now proved that every success story has some hardship to it.

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