Brahma Gantu Serial Cast Names: Check Out Full Cast of Brahma Gantu Serial

Brahma Gantu Serial Cast Names – The Brahma Gantu is Indian kannada drama television series. Brahma Gantu is remake of popular Hindi serial “Bhadho Bahu” which was aired on &TV channel.

Brahmagantu was aired in ZEE Telugu channel from Mon-Sat 10:30 P.M. Read the complete article to know more about Brahma Gantu Serial Cast Names and complete information.

Brahma Gantu Serial

Geetha Bharati is playing the lead character of “Gundamma” in the cast. The singer-turned-actress has a devoted following for her portrayal of Gundamma and is one of Kannada television’s top actresses.

The lovely male lead, “Lucky,” who is portrayed by model Bharat Bopanna, is Gundamma’s prince charming. Additionally, Bangalore Times included him on their list of the “Top Desirable Men of Kannada TV.”

Brahma Gantu Serial Cast Names

  • Geetha Bharathi
  • Bharath Bopanna
  • Harsha CM Gowda
  • Shruthi Naidu
  • T. S. Nagabharana
  • Gayathri Prabhakar
  • Vanitha Vasu

Details & Cast of Brahma Gantu Serial

Geetha Bharathi

Geetha Bharathi
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Actress, singer, and dancer Geetha Bharathi was born on August 30, 1962. She works to the Kannada and Tamil television shows.

She speaks English, Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada with ease. In addition to her professional abilities, Geetha enjoys photography and animals.

She is a mega-size trend-setter and an inspiration for oversized apparel while being on the voluptuous side.

She now portrays Gundamma, the main character in the Kannada romance series Brahmagantu. She also has a cameo appearance in love Cocktail (2020).

Bharath Bopanna

Bharat Bopana
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In Madikeri, Karnataka, Bharath Bopanna was born on September 7, 1992, to a Kodava family. Indian actor and model Bharath Bopanna primarily works in Kannada films and shows.

With the Kannada serial Girija Kalyana, he launched his career. His performance as Lucky in the family drama Bramhagantu, a version of the Hindi series Badho Bahu, has significantly increased his popularity.

Harsha CM Gowda

Harsha CM Gowda
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In the Sandalwood industry, Harsha C M Gowda works as an actor. His performance in the Kannada television show Brahmagantu is what made him most famous.

Harsha was reared by a government-employed family in Channarayapatna, Karnataka, where he was born and raised.

During his time at Rajeev Institute of Paramedical Science, where he attended college, he grew increasingly passionate about performing.

Shruthi Naidu

Shruti Naidu is a well-known Kannada actor, producer, and director who later received attention in Karnataka as the pinnacle of “Youth Cultural Icons.”

She has a well-known name in the Kannada film and television business and has seen the height of her career because to her originality and performance in many situations.

She played a variety of positions, including producer, director, and actress, and did so to attract in millions of viewers.

Gayathri Prabhakar

Veteran actress Gayathri Prabhakar is well-known in the Kannada film industry as a dubbing artist. She has a lot of experience in the radio and film industries.

She is the voice behind a lot of the famous people we see in movies. Married to M.V. Prabhakar is Gayathri. Anu Prabhakar, her 1980-born daughter, is a well-known Kannada actress.

Vanitha Vasu

Vanitha Vasu
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Indian actress and model Vanitha Vasu is well-known and well-respected. Vasu is known for her significant contributions to the Kannada film and television industries.

Vanitha is well-known among Kannad lovers for her excellent acting skills.

Details of Brahma Gantu Serial

Show Name:Brahma Gantu
Genres:Drama, Family
Release Date:N/A
Telecasting Days:Mon-Fri
Timing:10:30 PM
Runtime:22-25 Min

A Kannada drama television series called Bramhagantu tells the story of Geetha, an overweight girl with a kind heart.

She also knows by the nickname Gundamma, and although she aspires to wed her charming prince charming in a lavish ceremony, she encounters a number of obstacles as a result of her outward look.

Her friends make fun of her and refer to her as “dummi,” which is slang for “fatty,” because of the way she looks.

Many take advantage of Geetha to complete their work because of her helpful, innocent nature, but she doesn’t take it personally because she is understanding, caring, and forgiving person.

Although becoming a remake of the Hindi series “Badho Bahu,” this one has impressed Kannada audience.

Due to its engaging plot, the well-liked Kannada daily soap just ended a successful two-year run and has since become one of the most watched daily soaps.

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Brahma Gantu Serial Cast FAQs

How can I watch Brahma Gantu Serial?

You can watch the most recent episodes of the Brahma Gantu Serial on ZEE5 App.

What is Brahma Gantu Serial actress name?

Geetha Bharathi is female lead actress of this serial.

Brahma Gantu Is Remake Of Which Serial?

Brahma Gantu is remake of popular Hindi serial “Bhadho Bahu”.

Whats the timing of Brahma Gantu Serial?

Mon-Sat 10:30 P.M

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