Gowramma Serial Cast ETV Telugu – Hero-Heroine Name, 2023

Lets check out who is Gowramma Serial Cast ETV Telugu. Here we will discuss a Telugu TV series called Gowramma.

Gowramma is an Indian Telugu romantic drama series premiered on ETV Telugu on April 5, 2021, at 1:30.

The serial was produced by Mallemala Productions and Directed by Suresh Jonnala. Gowramma is a sweet and sincere young woman who is respected by her entire village as a good charm.


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Show Name:Gowramma
Channel:ETV Telugu
Genre:TV-Drama, Daily Soap
Starting Date:April 5, 2021
Telecasting on:Mon-Sat
Telecast Timing:1.30PM
Runtime:22-25 Min

Gowramma Serial Cast Name

Actors Real NameActress Real Name
Chakravarthy ReddyShambhavy Gurumoorthy
Chandu ChowdaryJyothika Munirathnam
Karthik PrasadMani Mahesh
Suresh JonnalaDeepa Jagadeesh
Chinni KrishnaJayashree Raj
Ramesh Babu
Kota Shankar Rao

Shambhavy Gurumoorthy

Gowramma serial heroine Shambhavy Gurumoorthy
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Shambhavi Gurumurthy is an Indian actress well-known among the common people for her roles in Sahasam Swasaga and Thamarai, Malleeswar, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya, Kanmani, and other Television shows.

She has spent many years working for SUN TV and is most recognised for her role in Tamil and Telegu films, plays, and TV shows.

She is Malliswari serial heroine on Star MAA.

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Chakravarthy Reddy

Gowramma serial hero Chakravarthy Reddy
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Actor Chakravarthy Reddy is popular actor from Tollywood industries. He is best known for the role of Bhavachitra (2022). He is playing male lead role in this series.

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Jyothika Munirathnam

Gowramma serial heroine name
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A Telugu actress named Jyothika Muniratnam debuted in KALYANI in 2019. She is a newbie to the acting world and is a young actor.

She also posts game streams and vlogs to her “Harley-Quinn” YouTube account. Jyothika’s performance in the programme Kalyani gained recognition for her acting.

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The series focuses on Gowramma, a sweet rural girl who is raised by her grandparents.She then got married to Karthik Krishna.

Karthik is still in love with his girlfriend Sirisha, who he later referred to as Siri, and they are having an affair.

Gowramma resolves to leave his life after finding out about the affair. The rest of the series is about how she handles making critical decisions while facing her inner demons and keeping everything on the line.

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You can watch all episodes of Gowramma Serial ETV’s official YouTube channel on YouTube App.


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How to watch GowrammaSerial Online?

You can watch brand new episodes of Gowramma Serial on YouTube for free..

What is Gowramma serial heroine name?

Shambhavy Gurumoorthy is playing lead role in series.

Gowramma Is Remake Of Which Serial?

Not Sure.

What is Gowramma serial hero name?

Chakravarthy Reddy is actor of this serial.

What is the timing of Gowramma Serial?

Gowramma aired on ETV Telugu channel from Monday to Friday at 01:30 PM.


Here we just discussed Gowramma serial cast, story, episodes, promo, FAQs, and much more. I hope you satisfy with given information.

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