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The much-awaited television show “Baghin” is set to grace our screens soon. Reports suggest that the talented Aneri Vajani has been chosen to play the lead role in this upcoming Baghin Serial Cast on Atrangi TV. However, the release date for the show’s promo is still under wraps.

In this article, we will provide you with all the latest updates on the Baghin cast and crew, creator, Instagram id, photos 2023, timings, story, TRP, and more. Our team will keep you informed with all the intriguing details as soon as we receive them.

Stay tuned for more information on “Baghin,” and get ready to witness an exciting tale unfold before your eyes.

Baghin Serial Cast & Crew

Real nameCast nameCharacter
Aneri VajaniN/aFemale Lead

Baghin Serial Cast & Crew In Detail

Show NameBaghin
Platform ChannelAtrangi TV
Music DirectorN/a
Staring membersN/a
Releasing on:N/a
Telecasting Days:N/a
Baghin Serial  songsN/a
Baghin Serial last episodeN/a
Baghin Serial songs downloadN/a
Baghin Serial title songN/a

Aneri Vajani As Baghin

Aneri Vajani is a popular Indian tv personality known for her amazing performances in various television shows. She has appeared in a number of soap operas, including Anupama, Pavitra Bhagya and Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka etc.

Aneri Vajani is a talented actress who has won the hearts of many with her impeccable acting skills. She started her career in the entertainment industry with small roles, but soon became a household name due to her captivating performances. Her natural flair for acting and her ability to connect with the audience has made her a sought-after actress in the Indian television industry.

Apart from her acting prowess, Aneri is also known for her charming personality and impeccable fashion sense. Her style is often talked about and admired by her fans. She has also been featured in various fashion magazines and has walked the ramp for several well-known designers.

Aneri’s dedication towards her work and her willingness to experiment with different roles has earned her accolades from the critics and the audience alike. She has been nominated for several awards for her performances and has won a few of them as well.

Aneri Vajani is a versatile actress who has made a significant impact in the Indian television industry. Her talent, beauty, and hard work make her a true inspiration for aspiring actors and actresses.

Aneri Vajani Interview

Atrangi TV Serial ‘Baghin’ Storyline

Baghin is connected to Tigress, as the show’s title suggests. The series’ theme is combat between man and beast. The role of the Indian tigress “Baghin” has been performed by acclaimed television actress Aneri Vajani. The plot centers around an angry BAGHIN looking for revenge for her tragic demise.As she embarks on a quest to avenge those who wronged her, the tables turn and the hunter becomes the hunted in this tale of supernatural vendetta.



Q: What is “Baghin” about?

“Baghin” is a television show that revolves around the story of a woman seeking revenge after being wrongfully killed. It is a supernatural vendetta story that promises to be an exciting and thrilling ride for the audience.

Q: Who plays the lead role in “Baghin”?

Aneri Vajani has been chosen to play the lead role in the “Baghin” serial.

Q: When will “Baghin” be released?

The release date for the “Baghin” serial is yet to be announced. However, keep an eye out for updates as the show is expected to air soon.

Q: What is the expected timing for “Baghin”?

The expected timing for “Baghin” is also yet to be announced. However, once the show starts airing, it is likely to have a fixed time slot.

Q: Where can I watch “Baghin”?

“Baghin” will air on Atrangi TV, and you can catch it on your television or streaming platforms, depending on your location.

Q: Who is the creator of “Baghin”?

The creator of “Baghin” is yet to be officially announced. However, we can expect a team of talented writers and producers to be working behind the scenes to bring this exciting story to life.

Q: Will “Baghin” be available on OTT platforms?

It is not confirmed yet if “Baghin” will be available on any OTT platforms. However, we can expect an official announcement on this soon.


In conclusion, “Baghin” is an upcoming supernatural vendetta serial that promises to be an exciting and thrilling ride for the audience. With Aneri Vajania playing the lead role of serial, the show is highly anticipated by fans of the genre. Although the release date, timing, and creator are yet to be officially announced, fans can expect updates on these soon. With its intriguing storyline and talented “Baghin serial cast and crew” is set to make a mark in the television industry. We can’t wait to see this exciting tale unfold on our screens, and we hope to bring you more updates and insights about the show as soon as we receive them.

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