Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Serial Cast & Crew, Update, Creator, Instagram Id, Photos 2023, Timings, Story, Trp

“Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta” is a popular Hindi television series that premiered on Colors Tv in 2023. The show features an ensemble cast of talented actors who bring their characters to life with their performances.The lead roles in the show are played by Shivika Pathak and Aashay Mishra. In this article we will cover Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta cast and crew, real names,  Instagram Id, photos 2023, storyline and Trp.

Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Serial Cast & Crew

Real nameCharacter
Shivika PathakMale Lead
Aashay MishraFemale Lead

Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Serial Cast & Crew In Detail

Shivika Pathak as Jeevika Rane

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Shivika Pathak is main leading character of the serial “Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta”. Shivika Pathak is a prominent Indian television actress who has played the lead roles in the many popular television series. She is most known for her performance in the television series Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta 2023. 

She is making her television debut in the show Durga Aur Chaaru, which airs on Colors. She has also starred in several famous television programs, including Naagin 6, Sasural Simar Ka 2, Saavi Ki Savaari, Udaariyaan, Parineetii, Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatnii, Durga Aur Charu, Sherdil Shergill, Pishachini, and Bigg Boss 16.

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Aashay Mishra as Satvik Bhosle

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Aashay Mishra is a well-known actor in the television business. He has appeared in several Hindi television series and films. He rose to prominence as Omkar Gupta in the television serial Pyaar Ke Papad. He was born and raised in the town of Chattisgarh. In 2009, he made his television debut in the series Pyaar Ke Papad.

Aashay’s fans love his charismatic personality and his dedication to his craft. He has won many hearts with his effortless acting, and his on-screen chemistry with his co-stars is admired by many. He continues to work hard and is always eager to take on new challenges in his career. 

Despite his success, Aashay remains grounded and credits his family for his achievements. He often shares his fond memories of growing up in Chattisgarh and his journey to stardom. Aashay is a true inspiration to many aspiring actors, and his fans eagerly await his next project

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Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Storyline

Shivika Pathak and Aashay Mishra are the major starring characters in the series Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta. At the start of the serial, both spouses are tied in wedlock. But, Aashay Mishra, who plays Satvik Bhosle, is a very furious and rood guy. He owns one of the world’s largest businesses and is a wealthy guy. On the other hand, Jeevika Rane is a really basic and down-to-earth girl. 

She was overjoyed from the start of her marriage. She has countless fantasies about his wedding, his spouse, and their children. But, shortly after their marriage, Satvik Bhosle served her divorce papers for unexplained reasons. If you want to know what happens next, watch the serial exclusively on Color Tv.

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Details Of Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Cast & Crew

Show NameAgnisakshi Ek Samjhauta
Platform ChannelColors Tv & Voot
DirectorRandeep Shantaram Mahadik
Producer:Shivigha Raj Dilip Raj
Creator:Pichchar Studio
EditorGutumurhty Hegde Kannipal Anuranjan H.R
Genres:Love, Family, Fight
Staring membersShivika Pathak, Aashay Mishra
Production House Pichchar Studio
Creative DirectorRakesh Ravikant Talk
DialoguesAryan Saha
DopSmit Sunil Mahadil
MusicGurukiran, Inout Music
ScreenplayYasha Shetty
Releasing on:23 January 2023
Telecasting Days:Monday to Friday
Timings:9:00 PM(on Colors tv)
Runtime:22–24 minutes per episode
Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta Serial  songsAll songs
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What are agnisakshi ek samjhauta serial cast names?

Shivika Pathak, Aashay Mishra.

Where we can download agnisakshi ek samjhauta serial songs?

You can download agnisakshi ek samjhauta serial songs at youtube as well as google.

Who are the agnisakshi ek samjhauta serial cast?

Shivika Pathak and Aashay Mishra.

What is agnisakshi ek samjhauta serial actress real name?

Shivika Pathak


In conclusion, “Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta” is a captivating Hindi television series that has won the hearts of audiences with its intriguing storyline and talented cast. With lead actors Shivika Pathak and Aashay Mishra, supported by a strong ensemble cast, the show is a perfect blend of drama, romance, and suspense.

Overall, “Agnisakshi Ek Samjhauta” is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good family drama with captivating performances. It has become a household name among Hindi television viewers, and its popularity is a testament to its quality production and talented cast. 

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