Top 6 Most Romantic and Sweetest Languages in the World

Most Romantic and Sweetest Languages in the World: Languages are important for fluent communication.

If the chosen language is easy and simple to communicate, there won’t be any communication gap.

When it comes to express your feelings, love needs no language. When there are several languages in the world, just choosing a few and saying that it is the sweetest language in the world is really a tough call.

So, by considering a few parameters like the tones that sound sweet to the ears and soft syllables, we have listed the oldest language in the world which also sounds to be the language of love.

Based on some syllabic parameters and opinions, we have listed the sweetest languages in the world.

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Romantic and Sweetest Languages in the World

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6. English

The West Germanic language was initially spoken in early medieval England. Currently it is a lingua franca and the official language in 60 sovereign states.

It is spoken widely in the United States, United Kingdom, Austraia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland. It is spoken widely in the areas of Africa, Caribbean, and South Asia.

It is 3rd most common native language worldwide, after Spanish and Mandarin. It is also the most learned second language in the world.

English has been developed over 1400 years. With the significant influence of British Empire across the world, modern English is spread from 17th to mid-20th centuries around the world.

English has become the leading language of International conversation across all types of electronic and printed media.

5. Hindi

It is the most spoken and oldest Indian language. It is also known as the Sanskritized and standardized register of Hindustani language or Modern Standard Hindi.

It is the official language in India. It is the native language of over 258 million Indians, according to 2001 census.

There are tens of millions of native speakers in India who consider it as their dialect. It is the 4th most natively spoken language worldwide, after English, Mandarin and Spanish.

When it comes to state level, Hindi is the official language of Haryana, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand.

Hindi is basically the direct successor of Sanskrit. It has been influenced by the Turkish, Persian, Portuguese, Arabic, English and Dravidian languages.

4. Spanish

It is spoken in different countries in different ways and is among the most widely-spoken languages in the world. It is the sweetest sounding language and is spoken in Spain.

It is a Romance language originated in the Castle region of Spain. It has millions of native speakers over the world. It is the important part of Ibero-Romance language group that is evolved from various Vulgar Latin dialects in Iberia.

In the early 16th century, Spanish was taken to the Americas and the colonies of Spanish Empire, along with the territories of Oceania, Africa and the Philippines.

In the United Nations, it is one of 6 official languages and is also considered as the official language by the Organization of American States, European Union, and the Union of South American Nations.

It is estimated to be around 400 million native speakers of Spanish. It ranks second among the top ten languages by the number of native speakers.

Spanish is the national or official language in Equatorial Guinea, Spain and over 19 nations in the Americas. There are 418 million speakers of Spanish language in the Western Hemisphere.

It is the mother tongue of over 8% of population and 7% of population speak it as the second language in the world. It is the most population secondary language in the US.

3. French

Ask any artist and they will vote for French quickly. It is yet another softest language in the world because of very simple policy. It is also a Romance language that hales from Indo-European family.

The language is descended from Roman Empire. It has been evolved from Gallo-Romance, especially in Northern Gaul. It is supposed to be the language of love and most of the romantic literatures are written in French.

After English, French is the second most widely-spoken language in Canada. It is the only official language which is the mother tongue in the province of Quebec for 7 million people.

2. Italian

Italiano or Italian is a Romance language and its vocabulary is closest to Latin. It is widely spoken in Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican City and Croatia and Slovenia.

It has official status in Malta, Albania, and Monaco. It is widely spoken in former Italian North Africa and Italian East Africa. Several expatriate communities speak Italian in the Americas.

Italian has been voted as the language to fall in love for several times. In Italian, “love” refers to “Amore”. Operas and Sonatas have been written in Italian for a long time.

Italian is considered to be the main language in Catholic hierarchy. Its influence has also been spread in the luxury goods and arts market.

1. Bengali

Bengali has all the highest qualities to express noble human thoughts and generate the divine feelings of mercy, selfless love, compassion, humility, non-violence, and several other loftiest divine qualities at its best.

Several great humanitarians and thinkers have measured this language as the noblest human feelings. Unless you know Bengali well, you will miss several great expressions and treasures of the world.

Bengali incorporates no discrimination for caste, community, race, creed, nationality and language. It is the oldest language in India and sweetest of all.

Bengali is native to West Bengal in India and Bangladesh. It is written with Bengali alphabet. In Bangladesh, Bangla is the national language. In India, it is the second most spoken language.

There are around 300 million speakers across the world and 250 million native speakers. Worldwide, it is the 7th most spoken language when it comes to native speakers.

The national song of India was initially composed in Bengali and Bangladesh’s national anthems are composed in Bengali.

The rich literacy tradition arises from the resurgence of Bengali language. It is known to be the vital contributor of Bengali nationalism and it binds a culturally diverse region.

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