Top 5 Jobs In India That Can Make You Millionaire

Jobs In India: Everyone nowadays wants to build a career in a field where huge remuneration can be earned along with social reputation.

After completing the higher secondary level it is smart idea to choose the professional field you would love to continue. Study accordingly and get prepare for the entrance examinations to get into the field.

Choose a work field you always want to pursue. Here we discussed only the top five highest paid jobs in India.

Apart from these five many other government fields and non-government fields provide huge salary to their employees.

This article will help the highly careerist young people to choose their interesting sector to make the future brightest.

Jobs In India That Can Make You Millionaire

Job of Chartered Accountant

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Your aspiration, strength, and hard work help you earn more wages in the field of chartered accountant jobs.

As a chartered account works on the various fields, the lump sum they earn accordingly, yet in all the cases it is high enough.

Banking, accounting, auditing, tax management and consultancy fields need chartered accountant generally.

A fresher chartered accountant can earn 41,000-55,000 approximately in every month.

As the experiences get increased the salary also increases accordingly. Yearly 20-25 lakhs Indian currency can be earned then.

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Fields of Management

Choose a glamorous field of success where you can also earn an incredible amount of money. The students of IITs, IIMs, FMS, Symbiosis, and XLRI get huge opportunities to facilitate their increasing career graph.

During an internship, a management trainee can earn a moderate amount of lump sum. The minimum package one can get is more than fifty-five thousand rupees in Indian currency yearly.

The high package starts with more than one Lakhs fifty thousand rupees in Indian currency yearly.

Software Engineers and IT Departments

A new software engineer can earn nearly 1.5-2.5 lakhs in Indian rupees per year. As per the authority, the salary packages change accordingly.

A junior software engineer or programme analyst gets 3-6 lakhs yearly whereas a senior software engineer earns 5-10 Lakhs yearly.

The salary of a project leader and a project manager is much higher. Respectively they earn 6-13 lakhs Indian rupees and 9-19 lakhs Indian rupees yearly.

Apart from the salary structure one can get international training session as per the merit base in abroad where a company pays all the expenditures.

Profession of Investment Banker

A career of an investment banker is divided into many different posts. Financial analyst, account manager, associate investment banker, account manager, business analyst, director, and managing director are some posts of investment banking job.

The salary structure is also divided according to the posts. An analyst can earn in between forty thousand to seventy-five thousand Indian currency monthly.

An associate investment banker gets paid almost 7-13 lakhs yearly whereas a vice-president earns approximately 10-40 lakhs annum per year.

The pay scale goes higher on the graph paper as the top posts you get.

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Aviation Sector

Aviation industry is providing huge facilities to their employees that are simply magnificent and alluring. A pilot can earn seven to ten lakhs Indian currency per annum in both the jumbo and cargo airlines.

The range of ground stuff and air hostess salary stays in between four to six lakhs in Indian currency.

Yearly almost five to six lakhs Indian currency is the package provided by the airline companies to the traffic controllers.

Choose the reputable yet hardworking fields to make the future secure enough. High remuneration helps to maintain a luxurious lifestyle.

There are also various fields remain where you can get a better opportunity along with vast salary.

So, build your career as per your own desire to make the life more peaceful and relatable.


So guys this is some of Jobs In India that makes you billionaire. I hope you satisfy with our information. Please comment down what think about this post.

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