Be a Confident Public Speaker through these 5 Amazing Tips

Confident Public Speaker: These days, one of the most frightening moments for a number of individuals is when they are speaking in public.

In other words, public speaking is very hard for some people. They cannot stand the fact that a great number of audience is staring at them and maybe, throwing bad comments on how they look and how they deliver their words.

If you are one of those people who want to improve their public speaking skills, then here are 5 amazing tips that you can take into account in order to become a confident public speaker:

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How to be a confident public speaker?

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1. Take Time Practicing

As what the famous adage says, “Practice makes perfect”, so it will surely be advantageous on your part to take your time in practicing your speech as well as how you move in front of the other people.

You can invite some of your friends or relatives who can act as your audience. Other than that, you can also volunteer to be one of the public speakers in smaller events in your neighborhood.

In this way, you can have a real setting for your public speaking. There is no way you cannot enhance your public speaking skills through this.

2. Do Not Copy Anybody

Copying someone while you are doing public speaking is not a good idea, for sure. You might be branded as a “copycat” if you will try to do this.

Being yourself is the best decision to make. Be famous in your own way, and not through the ways of others.

There is no other way of becoming a well-loved and a genuine speaker than to be real and true to yourself.

If you are a funny type of a person, then why not show your funny side if you are doing public speaking? With this, you definitely do not need to practice on how to be funny.

3. Know Your Topic Well

Needless to say, a confident public speaker completely knows his topic and the things that he or she needs to say in front of a large audience.

If you are not that familiar with your topic, then it might show to the crowd and they will never believe on what you are saying for sure.

Remember, a great and confident public speaker should be believable enough. Do not memorize your speech word by word.

The tendency for this is that you might forget one word and it will ruin the flow of your speech.

Just know your key points and from there, you can already construct some elaborations that you can discuss to the audience interestingly.

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4. Don’t Mind the Reactions of Your Audience

When you are minding the reactions of your audience, there is a strong tendency that you will lose your focus. You can never satisfy everyone, so keep that in mind at all times.

There are always those people who will disagree on what you are saying. It is just normal. Just continue speaking and put it in your mind that you will be contributing a lot for the benefit of the other people, and what you are saying is good for the entirety.

For sure, great numbers of people will believe in you compared to those people who won’t. As long as your intention is good, people can certainly feel it in their hearts.

5. Take a Video of Yourself While Doing Public Speaking

Never say that it will cost you much when you take a video of yourself while doing some public speaking at seminars and some other events.

There is actually no need to hire for a professional videographer here. What you need to is your iPad, mobile phone, or your camcorder.

It is enough to record yourself through a video. Just make sure to set the device in advance before you will speak in front of your audience. You can even ask the assistance of a person you know to do the video recording for you.

Through this, you can have the reference in reviewing your public speaking performance. It will help you in determining what is lacking for you to become an excellent, confident public speaker.

With these five amazing tips, there is no way you cannot improve your public speaking skills and become a confident public speaker you have always wanted to be.

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